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Programme out!

By 27th January 2015GLITCH 2015

As you’ll have noticed the GLITCH 2015 Programme is finally out!

Submissions are well and truly over. We thank all filmmakers for submitting….it was a pleasure viewing your films. We have enough to have Glitch, part 2!


We are lucky to have a number of special guests & filmmakers –

Andra Simons, Vivek Shraya, Raisa Kabir, Evan Ifekoya, The Open Barbers, Jamika Ajalon, Joshua Vettivelu, Raju Rage, Saadat Munir, Zou Zhou, Maki Yamazaki, Rosie Lewis, Vaginal Davis, Wayne Yung, and if the British Council give us some money….a very special guest from Pakistan!!

We advise you to book your tickets asap!

Information will be going up soon on travel in Glasgow, places to stay/avoid.


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