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Mommy Is Coming + shorts, 27th August 7pm, CCA

Adults only screening!

Sexual scenes and full nudity!

Mommy is Coming | Dir. Cheryl Dunye |  USA | 2012 | 64 mins 

*Scottish Premiere
Our Saturday summer sizzler sex romp – followed by a GLITCH party at the CCA. Touches on taboos and offers up lots of dyke/transboi/queer sexual shanigans. Another classic from the groundbreaking director Cheryl Dunye, this time reveling in a camp B-movie aesthetic reminiscent of Bruce la Bruce. #QTIPoC

UK Premiere
Video 1 – P o r n A g a i n | Sofia Moreno | USA | 2012 | 5 mins

This is part of a series of experimental videos, sexual paraphernalia, collages, paintings and live performances that capture and document her sexuality and the years of sexual disappointment that left her immune to emotional contact with another human body. Vol. 1 explores and celebrates the mind and sexuality of a body in constant transition.
(text from Artist’s website)

UK Premiere
White Fur | Dirs Neve B & Nikki Silver | USA | 2015 | 5mins

What does the beastmaster look like? How firm is their command? How full of sweetness and milk? How untamed is the wild grrl and their wild dogs? How deep and multi sided is a service relationship? Filmed in Oakland.
(text abridged from filmmakers)

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