We love presents all year round!

Help our unique charity by donating:

  • Loans or donations of AV equipment e.g. mini DV tapes, hard drives, memorysticks, headphones, AV cables etc.
  • Old film & sound equipment e.g. Super 8 cameras, mini-disc players/recorders, DAT recorders
  • A venue – for our film course (both 2 month period and two hour slots needed) and public screenings.
  • Food & tea donations
  • Anything we can use as raffle prizes
  • Office supplies
  • Cool books relating to women of colour and/or film for our library
  • DVDs of films by, or about, people of colour.
  • Desks
  • Chairs (ideally good computer chairs which won’t be backbreaking to use!)
  • Money to buy equipment and other useful things, pay tutors, student travel costs, food for communal meals etc