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The fruits of our intensive film courses……… airports, androids, talking eggs, genetics, brown noise, psychic surgery, trafficked girls, police brutality, surveillance, gluttony, migration, maggie cheung fantasies, blackfist, banshees & queens.
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“Digital Desperados proud DIY aesthetic also really inspired us to improvise & to think creatively, which I think made us more daring as filmmakers, but also brought us together as a group, since we were often helping each other with each others films.”

Rei Okata 2011 Course Participant


{Deliverance} Of A Serpent Daughter Possessed By An Alphabet Of Funeral Flowers

14min 14 //This is the tale of a serpent girl. No sooner is she born from the ocean depths than she is accosted by those who fear the power of other living beings.


3 min 26 // Spoken word

On The Road Again

9 min 37// Take the driving seat and escape your troubles, find comfort, or solitude The road means many things.


10 sec// web identity for R.I.T.A – Race In The Americas  

An Unfinished Conversation

8 min 7// This is both a document and an exploration of two unfinished conversations: one held between the filmmaker and her mother and the other between Empire and its subjects.

Black Feminists Discuss: Intersectionality

19 min 17//  Condensed document of a 2013 London Black feminist discussion meeting about intersectionality and what to means to them. Intersectionality is defined as multiple identities coming together to create a system of oppression.  

Can I Be A Popstar?

4:40// Pop video battle…can our star ‘her neediness’ shred white supremacy with her cat fighting skills?


11 min 31 // The female android and the trafficked girl, the laboratory and the sex slave camp: where technoscience, affective labour and horror converge. Contains written text referring to sexual violence.


39 min 16 // An essay-film, with two looped scenes from two Wong Kar-wai films (Happy Together and Days of Being Wild), as its points of departure and arrival (also: non-departure, non-arrival). On grief, migration, violence, speech, elaborate fantasies involving certain stars of Asian cinema, the writing body, the film-making body.

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